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Ernie Anderson Co-Founder and Senior Partner TBDCyber
Ernie Anderson

Cybersecurity Leader and Practitioner​
Location: San Diego, CA

With over 23 years of management consulting experience, Ernie Anderson is a cybersecurity executive with a proven track record of working collaboratively with CISOs and CIOs across different industries. His work involves developing robust cybersecurity strategies and implementing programs that increase maturity while reducing risk to the business. Ernie's technical expertise allows him to translate strategic vision into effective tactical solutions.  He is a founding partner of TBDCyber.​

Prior to starting TBDCyber, Ernie was the Chief Services Officer for a global cybersecurity company. He transformed the Services business from a traditional value-added-reseller professional services organization to a consulting advisory practice, growing revenue 2x year over year and pulling a spiraling, money-losing unit into a profitable and flourishing business.​

Ernie spent most of his career as a Booz Allen commercial business leader while also spending time at Ernst & Young and IBM.  He has led large-scale engagements, including a sizeable post-breach cyber-fusion center build and compliance auditing for the US's most extensive federal tax payment system. He also built and ran large-scale data security programs for multiple global retail companies.  ​

In his spare time, he enjoys running (in 2023, he ran a marathon a month for a year), skiing, boating, bbq/smoking, and spending time with his wife and two young kids.

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