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Zach Lutz

Data and Security Architecture Leader​
Location: Chattanooga, TN

Zach has ten years of experience in security engineering, architecture, and IT Risk/audit in both IC and leadership positions. He has experience in financial services, retail, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, SLED, and technology through industry and consulting positions. ​

Recently, Zach has focused on helping clients maximize value from the M365 and Azure security investments, especially in data security, access governance, and privacy spaces. He has also led successful initiatives using best-in-breed security solutions across the SASE, DLP, and DSPM verticals. ​

Zach takes a comprehensive approach to solving security challenges that balance people, processes, and technology. He is experienced in building security solutions from planning and justification to design and testing, and communications and deployment for organizations up to 130k users. ​

Zach enjoys contributing to the security community as a speaker at conferences like ISC2 and the Insider Risk Summit and through his YouTube channel, 5minutesecurity. 

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